What is what?

How on earth can you tell what in the intoxication that comes from the drug and what comes from the expectation? Well, that is made possible by looking at the effect that the drug has:

  1. in different cultures
  2. in different times
  3. by making blind tests

By making a comparison it is possible to see a pattern: the chemical effect of alcohol is the same in all cultures and times; the numbness of the body which leads to physical disabilities including tripping over, dropping things, vomiting, speech impediment or drowsiness. Research has not been able to prove that the chemical affects the mood.

The intoxication can in other words be divided into two parts: 1. The chemical affect that numbs the physical ability of the body and 2. Learnt expectations of different feelings.

Some people find the numbness both entertaining and relaxing but the vomiting and the speech impediment might not be as appealing. One of the most common reasons to get drunk is to feel free and to socialise with others. Few motivate it with a longing to vomit but rather a wish to experience the feeling of "nothing matters".

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