S/he was so drunk…

Research shows that a big part of the experience of alcohol intoxication is not due to the drug itself but a result of our expectations together with the presence of our friends and the general atmosphere. The reason for adults and youth to drink alcohol is to gain advantages. People want closeness and rituals.
Alcohol has been given a strong symbol value in Sweden, as well as many other countries. Some are drawn to the idea of alcohol making them a little braver, crazier, relaxed or more honest. Alcohol is often used as an excuse for actions that would not be considered acceptable under other circumstances; dancing, provocative behaviour, weird talk or crying in public. All of a sudden there is an excuse to fail or succeed. You can get a away with almost anything as long as there are people around to say “Well, s/he was so drunk”.

The alcohol culture has become socially accepted. In this free zone it is possible to achieve a sense of “it doesn’t matter”. And for some, that is worth sacrificing both the body and cash for.


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