Partying is more fun than figures

We want more people to notice the alcohol norm, to be able to get them to both admit it and to help out changing it we need to focus on other things than only the negative effects of alcohol. The most prominent alcohol researchers has proven that laws and restrictions make up the most effective weapon against the harm that comes from alcohol use. Alcohol policy helps keep the level of alcohol use down but information about harm, misery and prohibition will attract few. Many people can feel sympathy towards those who develop alcohol problems, but few would change their own attitude or drinking habits. In order to see the link between alcohol as a social ritual and harm to society there is a need for a new way of thinking about prevention.

Evidence based research and statistics are really important but to only communicate negative facts will have no real effect. Fake Free is focusing on exposing the alcohol norm and to be "drunk on the excitement". The think tank Fake Free works like a portal where anyone who wishes to question and challenge the alcohol norm can receive ideas and feedback. Fake Free encourages people to spread inspiration and good vibes. Alcohol and other drugs aren´t that interesting any way, so why be square? Fake Free wishes to create more party free from forced rules and lethargy.

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