Today's selection of good beers, wines and other alcohol free beverages is wide and popular. The Swedish retailing company "Systembolaget" has increased their sales of alcohol free products during the last years. According to Swedish law everybody who serves alcohol has to serve an equivalent alcohol free beverage. Unfortunately many restaurants and bars are content with serving bland mineral water, orange juice and light beer. In many other countries it is easy to find a broad and equal selection of all sorts of beverages – with or without alcohol.

Alcohol is an addition and not a base in a drink. All alcohol drinks can be made alcohol free. Go to the webpages below to find recipes of purely alcohol free drinks:

  • Systembolaget
  • Cocktailguiden
  • Tasteline

  • "Drinkbok för gravida", 2008, Örjan Åstrand
  • "Alkoholfria drinkar", Dagens Nyheter
  • "Alkoholfri drinkbok", UNF Ungdomens Nykterhetsförbund
  • Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drink Recipes (Youtube)
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