What is a party – what is just drunkenness?

Fake Free is a think tank that has found its inspiration from a Sri Lankan organization named Adic. Adic's success is that they change behaviors by challenging the myths surrounding alcohol and intoxication. Fake Free reviews alcohol cultures and antidrug methods. Instead of blackening alcohol users and only focus on the negative sides of alcohol use, Fake Free wishes to open up and analyze the party and the greatness of intoxication. Fake Free answers the question – What is a party and what is just drunkenness?

58% of the world's populations always drink beverages free from alcohol according to WHO (source www.who.int). Alcohol in itself does not create all the fun in intoxication, without its glossy image and the surroundings the drug would be uninteresting. Fake Free encourages more people to drink and serve delicious drinks free from alcohol – sometimes or always. Fake Free want to open up for more variation and groovy choices. Make people to try it out - and reflect.


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